The Threat intelligence

The Threat intelligence aims to help clients implement the building blocks of intelligence and use intelligence as a springboard for delivering effective cyber security in each phase. KPMG’s service offerings in this phase include:
Designing and implementing threat intelligence capabilities; and
Integrating threat intelligence into design and operation of the cyber security programme.

The Investigate Phase

The Investigate phase helps clients respond to and detecting and responding to cyber attacks. Our service offerings in this phase include:

  • Cyber attack detection through network monitoring and sophisticated data analytics;

  • Design develop and train rapid response teams to contain, manage and recover from current cyber attacks, including rapid preservation of data for evidential purposes;

  • Advanced digital forensics capability to gather, preserve and interpret large data sets, deleted or ephemeral data in order to prove a chain of events;

  • Investigation into and reporting on cyber attacks for evidential or insurance purposes;

  • Expert witness services; and

  • Advanced training and cyber response capability development.

The Integrate Phase

The Integrate phase aims to embed cyber security in the culture and decision making of client organizations. KPMG’s service offerings in this phase include:

  • Cyber security programme implementation and change management; and
  • Cyber security awareness and training 

The Protect Phase

The Protect phase helps clients design and implement their cyber defense infrastructure. Our service offerings in this phase include:

  • Cyber defense operating model design;
  • Design and implementation of the overall defense infrastructure;
  • Identity and access governance;
  • Data loss prevention;
  • Vulnerability management;
  • Privileged access management;
  • Security and technology assessments;
  • Security incident and event management; and
  • External, internal and wireless vulnerability testing and improvement

The Prepare Phase

The Prepare phase aims to help clients understand their vulnerabilities and improve their preparedness against cyber attack. Our service offerings in this phase include:

  • Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) – a rapid diagnostic which enables clients to understand areas of cyber vulnerability – from people, process and technology viewpoints – and to identify and prioritize areas for remediation;
  • Cyber security strategy – the design and implementation of cyber security strategies. Support through the lifecycle from defining the vision, through to establishing the control framework and training your employees;
  • Cyber gaming – scenario based experiential learning to both develop cyber response capability and improve employee and board awareness of cyber risks; and
  • Cyber threat modelling – Understanding who the key threat actress are and what information they are targetting.